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What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a synthetic alternative to a natural lawn. it is made from a combination of synthetic fibres, typically polyethylene & polypropylene, which are designed to mimic the appearance and feel of real turf.

How much does artificial grass cost?

The cost of artificial grass is usually between £50 and £90 per square metre including installation. We suggest that in order to get the very best price possible you arrange a site survey. You will learn how we install the product and we can show you samples of the material and grasses we use.

Is an artificial lawn easy to install?

An artificial lawn is easy to install if you have the right tools, equipment and knowledge. It is advised, to get the very best result, to invest in a professional who has experience.

Do you offer a supply and installation service?

Yes, Fairlawns artificial grass offer a complete artificial lawn supply and installation service.

How long does an artificial lawn take to install?

On average a typical domestic lawn installation can take between 1-3days dependant on the size of the area to be covered, the ground condition, access etc. There is no one size fits all, every installation is different. Installtion cost quoted excludes VAT unless specified via email or text message. Extras or ammendments are extra and willl be charged for accordingly to the discretion of fairlawns artificial grass ltd.

What about the size and shape of my garden?

Consider the dimensions and shape of your garden when planning for an artificial grass installation. Measure the area and accommodate for any curves or irregularities. it is important to factor in the accessibility and intended usage of the area when choosing fake turf.

What is the lifetime of the synthetic surface?

The lifetime of the synthetic surfaces could last well over 20 years providing they are properly looked after. It also depends on the environment in which the turf is installed and what the surface is being used for. A well maintained surface will last a long time if its looked after.

Does an artificial lawn take much maintenance?

An artificial lawn doesn't take much maintenance. Our garden grass is virtually maintenance free, you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. Cleaning can be achieved with a brush or leaf blower. You never need to water, mow or roll your garden just sits there and serves you!

Can weeds grow through artificial turf?

Weeds are very common in a natural lawn and can cause a problem with artificial grass if it is not installed properly. You must ensure to install at least one layer of weed control fabric underneath the turf to prevent any unwanted growth making an appearance. An artificial lawn will get the odd seedling appear from seeds or debris being dropped or blown but this is unpreventable and will occur on any surface that is exposed to the nature and the elements.

How does artificial grass compare to a real grass lawn?

Any grass lover will make you aware that in order to maintain natural grass you will need lots of skill, experience, time, money, materials and equipment. With fairlawns artificial grass range your garden requires very little maintenance. This ensures that your time is spent relaxing and not on maintaining your garden.

Does artificial grass need watering?

Artificial grass does not need watering like natural grass. However, occasional rinsing can help keep it clean and fresh, this helps to prevent the build up of dirt or allergens.

Is artificial grass suitable for dogs?

Artificial grass is suitable for dogs and is exceptionally convenient on rainy days as there will be no mud or mess being walked back into the house.

Can pet odours be reduced?

Odours can be reduced using an odour neutralising infill called zeolite, this mineral will aid in the prevention of any unwanted odours during the hotter months.

Can pests interfere and cause problems?

If you have moles, burrows, rabbit holes or ant nests, these should all be removed prior to proceding with any artificial grass lawn installation. We cannot offer futher advice.

You should consult a pest control specialist.

What are the various applications of fake grass?

The various applications of fake grass include Children’s play surfaces, mini back garden football/lawn surfaces, landscaping and garden projects, pet friendly surfaces, inside and surrounding conservatories, surrounding water features, swimming pools and hot tubs, for pathways, events, filming, stage shows and exhibitions and many, many more.

Is fake grass suitable for caravan and mobile/ park homes?

Yes, fake grass is suitable for caravan owners and park homes as its easy to maintain, the last thing anyone wants to do when they arrive for there relaxing break is to worry about cutting the natural grass lawn. You can keep the park owners off your back, with the peace of mind that you will have a forever green lawn which will need very little maintenance.

Does artificial turf fade?

No. The grasses that we supply and install are all UV stabile and have a UV guarantee of 10 years. your lawn will remain as green as the day it is installed for many years to come.

Can artificial grass be used as a pathway surface in a garden?

Artificial grass can be used as a pathway, however be aware that the maintenance will be more frequent if its is used regularly, just like natural grass but without the mud patches. It is advised that artificial grass will flatten more so in high foot fall areas and may look worn in a short period of time.

What happens if I spill anything on my artificial lawn?

If you spill anything on your grass don't panic. It’s inevitable, with kids and pets you will get spilt
drinks and dropped ice cream’s etc. Don't worry, simply sponge down the affected area with a light detergent and wash thoroughly with warm water.

Can i barbeque on artificial grass?

Absolutley not! You should never place a BBQ or any open flamed product on or in close proximity of artificial grass. The fibres will melt together and distort the appearance.

Can you hoover fake grass?

You can hoover fake grass, be mindful that household vacuums are designed for indoor use. Usage outdoors could potentially damage the vacuum cleaner and if it is too powerful it may damage the fibres and in some cases pull them out of the backing.

Is artificial grass the same as Astroturf?

Artificial grass is often
referred to as Astroturf, Astroturf is a registered trademark. We supply and install artificial
grass, we do not supply Astroturf.

Artificial Grass VS Garden mirrors & Ornaments

Stone, plastic or resin ornaments can be placed on
artificial grass, try to move them around from time to time to avoid flattening
down too much. Try to avoid placing Garden Mirrors, glass ornaments or metallic
objects on or near to artificial grass. Direct sunlight can sometimes be
magnified, which in turn can damage the fibres of the synthetic grass.